I need to edit content in my published game

Let's say there was a spelling error in your released game, or you wish to update the content. You may or may not need to update by creating a new version in Google Play.

The first 48 levels are included in the APK (game download). If you wish to change or update content within these first 48 levels you will need to edit this in the game editor and rerelease the game as a new version.

If the edit is made in level 49 and up, then you will not need to upload a new version, it only needs to be updated and saved in QuickAppNinja.

To keep the game download size small, levels 49 and onward are online levels, this means any changes you make to the game from these levels will automatically be available in the game, with no need for the user to download a new version.

This also includes any new levels after level 48. If you create new levels past the first 48 included in the APK, these are online levels and are available automatically, without needing to upload a new version to Google Play.

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