Is it true if I don't earn $50 within 30 days you will buy my Google Play account?

Yes! If within 30 days you haven't earned at least $50 we will buy back your Google Play account for $30. So either way it's no risk, in fact if you don't make money in 30 days from your app earnings, you get $5 profit from us, since your Google Play account registration only costs $25.

We have a few caveats, so we can reimburse QuickApp Ninja customers who honestly gave it a try and it didn't work for them. Build at least 10 apps, you don't need to make new content, you can use the premade content, and release it to the app store and if you don't earn $50, we will buy back your account.

Please be aware your Google Developer Account is linked to the gmail account you used to set it up. As part of our 'buy back' offer, we will need the gmail account assigned to the account as well. Remember, if you want to take advantage of this offer, don't use an email address you want to keep!

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    Muhammad Hassan

    If I have not earned $50 in a month and uploaded only one app and will not upload app made by your engine but still do not want to sell account. will u buy my account through enforcement?

    because i have started building my own games


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