I´ve Already Uploaded my Game to Google Play, But in the QuickAppNinja Dashboard it Doesn´t Appear as Uploaded

It can take up to 24 hours for QuickAppNinja to determine a game has been uploaded to Google Play. If the status hasn't changed after 24 hours, please contact our support.

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    Ma Victoria Marigza

    Hi. I just want to ask, my uploaded game is already published in google play. but it is not appearing in search or list in google play? what will I do to resolve that? Thank you in advance.

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    Nolan Zink

    @Ma Victoria Marigza

    For your game to appear in search results in Google Play you need to do ASO.

    Also getting downloads helps to.

    I can help with that. Email me at: nolanrzink@gmail.com

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    nolan zink.. can you teach me how to do ASO

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