Monetization with Mobfox

Please note, with Mobfox you can monetize your games even if they are not uploaded to Google Play! This is really good opportunity if you don't have 25 USD for Google Play registration fee.


MobFox Account Registration Process 

1) Sign up at Mobfox.
This is simple to complete, just a few standard fields

2) Force your account approval

Send an email to MobFox account manager (, Mr. Itay Vilenchuk, with the following text:

Hi Itay! How is going? :-)
I want to monetize my Android games, created in QuickApp Ninja, with banners from MobFox AdNetwork. 

I just sign up in Mobfox using email - INSERT_YOUR_EMAIL_HERE

Please accept my registration!



Itay will assist and let you know when your Mobfox account will be approved and ready. 


Add your Games Detail to Mobfox

1) Log in to your account in Mobfox

2) Create new inventory

Select "Publisher" -> "Add Site / App"

Select "Android Application" and insert your game URL in Google Play OR any alternative Android store.

Note – this step requires that your game is already published on Google Play OR an alternative Android store.

Select “Next Step”

Check “My app is ready to be reviewed for approval”

Select IAB category "Art & Entertainment" and press "Create Inventory"


3) Copy / Paste inventory Hash into QuickApp Ninja

Copy the Inventory Hash from MobFox.

In the QuickApp Ninja game creator, under “Monetize”, select “MobFox” and paste the Inventory Hash into the space provided.

Select “Choose MobFox Network”

4) Generate your Game with MobFox banners!

After the game has generated, upload your game to Google Play or alternate Android stores.

It is possible that initially you will not see any banners in your live game. This is OK as Mobfox needs to receive some "requests" from your game for the banners to become active and show advertising. 

Also, should you want to view test banners before creating your own MobFox banner ads, you can use the TEST INVENTORY HASH to view test banners - fe96717d9875b9da4339ea5367eff1ec 

After testing REMEMBER to change it to your REAL hash :-) 



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