Clone Feature - Why you need it?

Cloning your games is a quick method to make duplicates of games in your dashboard. Why would you want to do this?

1) Create multiple versions that can be localized to be released to new locations. For example, you may wish to translate successful games for new markets, or, you may want to localize quiz content to suit a new market.

2) To create multiple versions of less popular games to test titles and descriptions. You may find you have a game that you believe should perform better, by creating multiple clones of the game that can be released with different titles and descriptions you can test what is the most effective way to list your games to get the highest number of downloads. Releasing multiple clones of your games can also be used to increase the likelihood that players will find your games in the Google Play store (or other Android stores).


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    s m fahime

    Hi I added coins but have problems is it can't buy coins please helps me

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