How to integrate IAP into your quiz game

Please follow these 3 steps to integrate in-app products (IAP) in your games.

STEP 1: Create 4 products in Google Play Developer account.

Add new products

Select “Managed” and type in a your own Product ID (for example: “set1”)

Add product details


Add product details. Here, in the “Title”, you will select how many coins you're selling. In “Description” you can put a short description, or just repeat the Title. As you can see, we have put 350 coins priced at PLN 10.00 (this is Polish currency – you can use your own currency, e.g. USD or GBP. As you can see in the screenshot, you can ask Google Play to automatically convert your set price into local currency when an IAP is bought in another country.

Activate all products

All products are set and active

STEP 2: Copy your License key

Go to “Services & APIs” section & copy public key

STEP 3: Setup IAP in QuickApp Ninja

In SETTINGS tab you need to insert your Public key, created Product IDs & amount of coins that will be available after purchase.

CONGRATULATIONS! The IAP module is activated and your products are available in the BUY COINS screen.

 If your have any questions – please contact our support.



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