My game was rejected by Google Play, why?

With Google Play, 99.99% of game app rejections are because of copyright infringement – e.g. using images or names in a game that belong to somebody else.

For example, if you use the massive “Candy Crush Saga” game name in yours, e.g. “Candy Crush Saga Quiz” - that is an infringement of copyright.

With images, unless you find “open source images” or “copyright free images”, they will belong to somebody else, such as the photographer. You can only use these types of pictures, for example of celebrities, if you use filters and turn the image into your own creation. Check out this article for altering images.

Be smart and look at your competitors in Google Play. Look at their content for celebrity games and see how they've worked the images so the celebrity is still recognizable, yet the developers are not using anybody's images.

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